This My Period of Willing Deprivation

Publish date: May 2, 2019


haven’t slept yet but the day is about to start || Im ahead of schedule || tyna finish bouncing this kevLo ++ Becca tape before a pale blue morning with tedhel || behind schedule ||

258 and everything makes me want to cry now || helKat read saddest story || ++ my friends are helping me so much today teds making bus cards for pbd || Im bouncing audio for it ||


|| be like a dog wait outside for a long time || and live stream it ||


@github for node meetup with the flat => had a great time and its a cool talk and I have so much shit to do… like write the specs for creating a mobile internet station thing || live onLine ||

=-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=



damn this shit is hard but I think it should go like this - hackathon for starting the best mobile stream I can - audio only when it’s passive or whatever, and runs out of a backpack, and then video when I stop and setup with a laptop. ability to capture audio and video is a must as well ||

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=–= =-=-=-=-=-=-=

[phase 1] - the problem, our solution

- our reach with this rig: 4g coverage map,

What you need: hardware: - pi - [4g pi hat][] - pisound - usb interface - another generic mixer

links -

software: - - darkice, icecast

ok this is officially hackathon mode, start a 247 live stream in 24 hours LOL =-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

sound sources=

FBR all of us humans

laptop DJ mixer with 1 half humans tape other half interumentals tape

for midi controller stuff

midi controller || || ||