wtf is this about i dont need an about

i came here cause I don’t wanna type everything

after being out 3 months

everything broke less than 3 days back,

only all nighters from now on

till these kids are uploaded

Learn more and help on æG🌏.fmitHub.

it was january first when my macbook wouldn’t boot.

but I wrote down the acutal date

that’s not it don’t quote me on this

and I remember vividly

what a reductionist view of what is lately called pilot’s logs

just being called now

though they were all along

and I forgot

I forgot to say what this is about

TLDR; this an open source lryical playground
for how I write my songs
this my evidence that I can do things with my hands
this that bounce in my step
this the one place there’s no rules as a rule
this the no fun zone
this my safe space
this my social media
why do I keep telling people I don’t like phones
this spot is dank for those comfortable surfing non sequiturs chasing the underlying meaning of everything as a past time

{{and Im broken even my about page is broken god damn it why do AI}}

sshit I…}} do follow rules on here and one is admitting and typing that there are no rules thats a fucking rule fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck uoi !

why are about pages so short